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Retail stores looking for a home delivery
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We acknowledge the importance and place in everyone’s heart for our local retail stores in our neighbourhood, which have provided us with all our daily needs at ease. To date, we see that they are doing it efficiently and in great ways and with the help of technology-led solution. Few retail stores have also started delivering the goods in their possible way. All this was done to add value to customer offerings and enhance business credibility.

Retail stores and FastIndia can be a winning partnership for every retail store and its customers. While retail stores can focus on core customer needs, Fast India being a specialized delivery company can take care of all deliveries, while making the delivery a delightful experience for your customers. Delivering locally with Fast India will help native businesses to serve existing customers, get new buyers and secure a unique place for themselves in their local market. It can also create a new shopping experience for retail buyers.

This will help retail stores to stay competitive while offering the best products and services. Retail buyers will love this from you.

Key Benefits
  • Neighborhood deliveries - Almost free
  • Local marketplace
  • Offer what your customers love - online shopping
  • Solidify customer trust

E-commerce companies looking
for delivery partners

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Nowadays, client's expectations and needs have changed, and they focus on one thing: How is your delivery process?

So, one thing you always need to be correct, especially when you are in the e-commerce business, and that is delivery. It was earlier that you place an order expect it in 1 or 2 weeks, now buyers expect not just local but hyper-local deliveries. If you can manage everything in your efforts to convert a visitor to a buyer, but if you fail to deliver products on time, that will create a negative buying experience for your e-commerce business. Because of bad delivery experiences, re-purchase and CLV may negatively impact revenue metrics. That is why choosing a tech-led future-ready local delivery partner is the right approach for an established e-commerce organization. In an e-commerce business, your reputation is everything, no matter how good your product is, when it comes to delivering a product, every customer wants delivery on time.

At FastIndia, we believe in quality delivery services and rely on leading tech solutions to manage our operations. This also facilitates partnering with leading e-commerce solutions that leverage technology to deliver customer delight.

Key Benefits
  • Focus on key e-commerce revenue metrics
  • Focus on core business activities
  • Expand business reach to new geographies
  • Win customer delight with tech-led platform

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Retail houses looking for specialized delivery partners

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Retail houses are fascinating to Indian customers irrespective of social and economic strata. It has created a positive impact as well as shaped the face of shopping in India from metro to tier cities and villages.

The recent pandemic changed the dynamics of rich retail in-store shopping to online shopping, forcing a lot of the retail houses to actively go for an online store overnight. Though they were successful in creating appealing online stores, delivering on the expected time to the last mile customer was a major hurdle. Barring the reach to the potential buyer and business prospect.

With Fast India, Retail houses get an opportunity to expand their delivery to last-mile customers with efficient tech-led delivery. Allowing you to focus on brand building while we focus on creating amazing delivery experiences for your customers. Making this a professional and profitable partnership.

Key Benefits
  • Delivery in the time of uncertainty
  • Fast local and hyper-local deliveries
  • Focus on brand building
  • Tech led deliveries to handle complex product grid